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The End Of Cheap China. The Next China Will Be The Post-China 16. Maybe.

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A Vietnam consultant friend of mine sent me a Stratfor article (from about a year ago) talking about how rising labor costs in China were slowly causing low-end manufacturing to leave China for other countries, seeking my thoughts on the article. Stratfor’s theory is essentially that clothing manufacturing and mobile phone assembly are precursors to other industries… Continue Reading

Cheated By China. Check Your Insurance.

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Though we have written about this scam a few times previously, I HAVE to write about it again because it just keeps happening, in even greater numbers and in even more diverse circumstances. And this is the one fraud to which I have time and time again seen extremely savvy and sophisticated companies fall prey…. Continue Reading

Doing Business in China with an Asia Strategy

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Had a great discussion with a bunch of our China lawyers the other day regarding how so many of our clients are expanding in Asia beyond China and of how so many of them have an Asia strategy, of which China is just one large part and usually initial part. We then talked of how… Continue Reading

How to Succeed At China Manufacturing.

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David Dayton over at the Silk Road International Blog did an excellent post on China manufacturing a couple years ago, but I just saw it today. The post is entitled, “What to ask for at a trade-show (and afterwards too),” and it starts off with Dayton saying that he is writing the post because he… Continue Reading

The China NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Shut The Barn Door BEFORE The Horse Bolts.

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Just received the following comment to our post, How To Find And Deal With Chinese Manufacturers: I have a question, I sent a picture of a unique [product] and they sent back an email saying that they would like to manufacture it and when I said mine they corrected me by stateing ours. is this normal?… Continue Reading

Back-Shoring vs. Off-Shoring vs. Near-Shoring. China For China. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.

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Michael Zakkour, who constantly deals with global supply chains as part of his job as a China/Asia market strategist at Tompkins International,made a great comment on exactly that at our Linkedin China Law Blog Group today.  Michael’s comment was in response to a Bill Dodson post entitled, “Backshoring to the Future.”  In just a few paragraphs,… Continue Reading

Using Letters Of Credit With China Suppliers

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This is a guest post from Renaud Anjoran. Renaud runs a product quality inspection business in Shenzhen and he also writes the truly excellent and perennially helpful Quality Inspection Tips. My firm has worked with Renaud on a number of China product matters and we have consistently found him to be highly knowledgeable about China… Continue Reading

The Definitive/Comprehensive Guide To Manufacturing In China. Yes, Definitive And Comprehensive.

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I just finished reading (most of it anyway) Bruce W. Mitchell’s book/tome, 13 Steps to Manufacturing in China. Shoot me if I don’t use the word “comprehensive” or some equivalent at least five times in this post. 13 Steps to Manufacturing in China is a comprehensive, soup to nuts break down of what needs to… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China. What Does It Mean, Anyway?

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Since we started this blog back in 2006, we wrote of how you should expect and prepare for China wages and other prices to rise. In our very first month, way back in January, 2006, in a post entitled, “China is Booming, Go There for Growth,” we warned of rising China prices: This article discusses… Continue Reading

The Grim Reality Of China Quality Control (QC)

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I have certain articles I send clients and potential clients in response to their questions. One of my favorites (and the one I send when anyone asks a question relating to what it is like dealing with a Chinese factory) is Ok, so it doesn’t meet your standards….so what? This post is by David Dayton… Continue Reading

JL Made. How To Buy Product From China.

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I feel like one of the most important things I do on this blog is to steer people to other good writings on China. I recently learned of a very good blog on China manufacturing and so steer I will. The blog is called JLMade.  JL Made mostly focuses on the basics of buying product… Continue Reading

Manufacturing Your Product In China.The Extreme Basics.

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The other day I received an email from a college student looking to form a business that would buy product from China and sell it in the United States. The email asked about the steps to take to get such a business going. Here is that email (modified slightly to maintain the anonymity of its… Continue Reading

How To Find The Right China Manufacturer And Get Good Product

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New client of mine recently sent me a link to a post on the Quality Wars blog (a once good blog that has not posted since April) and asked me if it made sense. The post is entitled, How to Find a Good Factory in China and my response was, “yes, it most certainly does.”… Continue Reading

China Supplier Agreements. With Apologies To Kansas.

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When foreign companies call to have us draft their Chinese supplier agreements (a/k/a OEM Agreements), we explain their basic points, usually consisting of the following: 1. We usually like the official version to be in Chinese. If something goes wrong, they usually will need to be enforced in a Chinese court and putting them in… Continue Reading

Moving To China’s Interior. The Pros And The Cons.

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In February, I wrote a post, “China Manufacturing: “We’re Bringing It Back Home,” talking of how my law firm had been seeing a massive uptick in companies shutting down their China operations and returning to the United States. A very recent (and very widely discussed) Economist article, entitled, “Moving back to America:The dwindling allure of building… Continue Reading

Foreign Manufacturing In China. Would The Last Company There Please Turn Out The Lights.

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Of course it is not nearly as bad as our headline makes it out to be, but I wanted to make a strong point to counter the crowd that acts as though China is and always will be the factory to the world…. Discussion closed. All Roads Lead to China recently did a piece, elliptically… Continue Reading

Real China Business Advice. The Bad And The Ugly.

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Stan Abrams over at China Hearsay has an excellent China post, entitled, “A Never-ending Supply of China Business Advice.” The post starts out with Stan talking of how there has been so much written on how to do business in China and some of it is less than top-notch: At the same time, a lot of… Continue Reading

China Manufacturing: “We’re Bringing It Back Home.”

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I know many of our posts of late have been fairly negative on China, and I really wish this one were not, but I really have no choice but to “call ’em like I see ’em” We are constantly writing articles on what country is going to be the “next China” and I have mostly… Continue Reading

On Buying Product From China. A Run-Through On The Legal Basics.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law

Just received a very typical email from someone looking to manufacture product in China: A bit of background on our company; we are a supplier and installer of _______ and following months of design and development have finally completed a prototype model of ___________ which we now want to manufacture in China. Following two months… Continue Reading

China Truck Manufacturing Writ Large As Global Trade Microcosm.

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A few years ago, I would get calls from some of the television business shows asking me to come on to speak about China stocks or particular industries. I would always refuse by saying that I am a lawyer, not a stock analyst. I am still unqualified as an industry analyst and many of these… Continue Reading

Why Non Disclosures (NDAs) Alone Are Not Enough For China.

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The other day, I did a post on why Non-Disclosure Agreements are so often critical for those doing business with China. Within a few hours of that post, entitled, “China Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). A Really Good Thing,” my co-blogger, Steve Dickinson, was pointing out how if we were going to talk about non disclosure… Continue Reading

China Auto. Are We There Yet?

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There are those who state confidently that China will own the worldwide car market within a few years (these people have been saying this for years — check out this post from three years ago where I rightly said NO WAY) and there are those who state it will never get there. My only qualifications… Continue Reading

Chinese Factories. Chinese Workers. Chinese Deaths. U.S. Tort Liability?

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Just read a chilling article on Chinese factory working conditions in — of all places — the Salt Lake Tribune (h/t to All Roads Lead to China). The article is by Loretta Tofani and it is entitled, “Chinese workers lose their lives producing goods for America.” It is one of seven articles by the Pulitzer… Continue Reading

China Manufacturers Learning About Trust. Well Sort Of.

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Just read a long and thoughtful post over at the Enterprise Resilience Management Blog on the value of trust in business and on how China is just starting to appreciate the need to be trusted. The post is entitled, China Learning About Resiliency and Trust, and it starts out stating that executing China’s head of its… Continue Reading