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China IP Litigation Exploding And What That Means For Those Doing Business In China

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Just came across an interesting post with a not so interesting title on the China IPR Blog: IP Developments in Beijing.  The post starts out discussing how “due to the rapid increase in IP cases in the Beijing Number 1 Intermediate Court, particularly IP cases involving patent and trademark validity, the Beijing Intermediate Court will split its… Continue Reading

China Intellectual Property Law. A Radio Interview For World Intellectual Property Rights Day

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I have to admit that one of the things I love about both China and Russia is that they take various international days seriously, that nobody even knows about in the United States.  I suspect that is due to communism and/or its remnants.  Anyway, as part of today’s World Intellectual Property Rights Day (how many… Continue Reading

China IP. The Blog.

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Time that I mention a really good and high-level blog that focuses on China IP.  The blog is called China IPR and it is headed up by Mark Cohen, a law professor at Fordham Law School.  It completely accurately describes itself as follows: ChinaIPR.com is published by Mark Allen Cohen, a Visiting Professor of Law at Fordham… Continue Reading

China Intellectual Property Theft. The Statistics Are Damn Lies.

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PC World Magazine has an excellent article on the costs of intellectual property (IP) violations in China. The article is entitled, “US Panel Looks at Intellectual Property Violations in China,” and what it essentially says is that the value of China’s stolen IP has been grossly exaggerated.   The PC World article was written on… Continue Reading

Running A Low-Cost China IPR Protection Program

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AmCham Beijing is putting on what looks to be a wildly helpful seminar entitled, Best Practices in Running a Low-cost IPR [Intellectual Property Rights] Protection Program. It will be from 7:30-10 a.m. at the Beijing American Club located at the China Resources Building, 8 Jianguomen Beidajie in Beijing. AmCham describes this event as follows: Protecting intellectual… Continue Reading

Unsafe Mines And China IPR

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Little noticed, but in some ways an amazing story out of China regarding Beijing’s decision to delay closing unsafe coal mines.  Stay with me on this one, because the story is of far greater significance than initially appears, and for far more than just mining. The China Daily story on this is headlined, “Government forced… Continue Reading

Chinese Software Piracy Declining — But, Hey, We Like Them Stealing Our IP Anyway

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The International Herald Tribune, in an article today, entitled, “Step in ‘right direction’ on piracy,” noted that the software industry is making “modest progress” in “encouraging” Chinese computer users to pay for their software, rather than copying it illegally. According to the Business Software Alliance, the software industry’s leading trade group, the rate of pirated… Continue Reading