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China Hostage Situations. More Common Than Most Think, But Not Really A Big Issue.

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The mainstream media has given massive coverage to workers in China holding Chip Starnes, the president of an American company, hostage for alleged non-payment of wages. ┬áJust as we usually do whenever a hostage taking hits the press, we ran our own blog post,┬áThe Single Best Way To Avoid Being Taken Hostage In China, setting… Continue Reading

How Not To Get Kidnapped In China, Part 2. Resolve Your Debt Problems Before You Go.

Posted in Legal News

A few weeks ago, a reader e-mailed me with an article regarding the jailing in Shanghai of California businessman Brian Horowitz over a debt he (his company?) allegedly owed a Chinese company. I have been assiduously following the case in the press for many reasons. First, cases like this could prove very important to my… Continue Reading