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The Proview v. Apple China Trademark Dispute. Wanna Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?

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Just read a Bloomberg News article, “Proview Using ‘IPad’ Name is Harmful: Apple,” that quotes me on the Apple-Proview dispute, as follows: “It’s not really trademark law, it’s about whether the trademark was legally transferred or not,” Dan Harris, a Seattle-based lawyer with Harris & Moure who handles cases on intellectual property in China, said… Continue Reading

China Law Blogs Here To Stay.

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Surprised and honored by a post over at the Associate’s Mind Blog (a terrific blog, BTW, written by a neophyte lawyer out of Birmingham Alabama). The Post is entitled Law Library of Congress Archiving Blawgs and it told me something I did not know: The Library of Congress maintains an archive of what it has… Continue Reading

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About China VIEs. The Transcript.

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On November 4, CLB’s own Steve Dickinson participated in an Internet discussion regarding Variable Interest Entities (VIEs) in China. The discussion was entitled, “Foreign Ownership in China: Still VIEable?” and the other participants were China Hearsay’s Stan Abrams (an attorney), China Accounting Blog’s Paul Gillis (an accountant), and China Finance Blog’s Fredrik Öqvist (a financial… Continue Reading

There Is No Protectionism In China

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Now that I have your attention with my Global Times-ish headline on protectionism in China, I am going to backtrack. The protectionism that people attribute to China is wrong. I have become convinced that the protectionism that people tend to attribute to China does not really exist, or at least barely so. The Chinese government… Continue Reading

To VIE Or Not To VIE (in China). Answers Will Come Via Web Discussion This Tuesday.

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For the last couple of years, there has been massive discussion regarding Variable Interest Entities (VIEs) in China. We at China Law Blog have taken a strong stand on them and our position has always been that we will not do them because we do do not think they hold up to legal scrutiny. Or… Continue Reading

China VIEs. The End Of A Flawed Strategy. An Update/Rebuttal.

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Yesterday, co-blogger Steve Dickinson wrote a post essentially excoriating VIEs. That post went live early this morning. A few hours before our post went live, Bill Bishop (who knows as much about China’s tech industry as any human being alive) wrote a post essentially saying that those who are trashing VIEs are engaging in scare… Continue Reading

China VIE Structures, The Podcast. Money….So Money.

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Growing up, I used to occasionally play basketball with a guy by the name of Eddie Stokes. Eddie was a few inches shorter than me, but a heck of a lot stronger and quicker and he used to give me fits. What particularly irritated me about him was that every single time he would score… Continue Reading

Who Owns China’s Internet? Why Even Ask That?

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Chinese Law Professor has an excellent post, entitled, “Who Owns The Chinese Internet,” seeking to answer that very question. The post is in reference to this article [in Chinese] by Jing Linbo and Wang Xuefeng from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, asserting “(a) that foreigners (“foreign capital”) in the article’s terminology) have come to… Continue Reading

The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs. Laugh Out Loud Insight On China’s Factories.

Posted in China Business

Just got back from watching Mike Daisey’s one man play, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” at the Seattle Repertory Theater.  It was an absolutely amazing show and I highly recommend it. It was hilarious, thought provoking and, near as I can tell, unfailingly accurate.  I cannot recommend it highly enough; it is truly… Continue Reading

China’s “New” M & A Review System. Just Chill.

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Last week, China came out with some guidance as to how it is going to determine whether foriegn company acquisitions (M&A) endanger China’s national security and there have already been all sorts of articles speculating that this is going to mean a real crackdown on foreign acquisitions. I was going to wait a few weeks… Continue Reading

Real China Business Advice. The Bad And The Ugly.

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Stan Abrams over at China Hearsay has an excellent China post, entitled, “A Never-ending Supply of China Business Advice.” The post starts out with Stan talking of how there has been so much written on how to do business in China and some of it is less than top-notch: At the same time, a lot of… Continue Reading