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China Film And IP

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The Hollywood Reporter recently did a story, entitled, “China’s Looming Entertainment Problem: Not Enough Lawyers,” discussing, among other things, intellectual property in China. Our own Beijing-based China entertainment lawyer, Mathew Alderson, was interviewed for that story and The Hollywood Reporter has kindly agreed to allow us to run a post based on the original interview…. Continue Reading

China Film Co-Productions. Show Me The Money. The Domestic Edition.

Posted in China Film Industry

This post was co-written by Mathew Alderson (my law firm’s lead China entertainment lawyer) and Tyler Cohen.  Tyler is fluent in Chinese and he worked with Mathew on China film matters this past summer before beginning law school at the University of Toronto. Three factors are driving international interest in Sino-foreign movie co-productions: (1) China… Continue Reading

Don’t Be A Bull In The China [Movie Production] Shop. A Seminar In Australia.

Posted in China Film Industry, Events

The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) hosts a big annual conference each year that is the main event in Australia’s film industry calendar. At this year’s SPAA Conference in Sydney (running through November 16), our Beijing-based attorney, Mathew Alderson, will be sitting on a China film panel, entitled, “Don’t be a Bull in the… Continue Reading

Kaiser Kuo’s Ich Bin Ein Beijinger:Straight Outta Chaoyang

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Forget about our “rule” on not recommending brand new China blogs — we’ve violated that rule so many times I am left wondering if a frequently violated self-imposed rule can be said to have ever existed at all. No, this blog warrants my going way beyond that and doing something really wild and unprecedented (this… Continue Reading