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How Foreign Companies Will Be Impacted By China’s “Rebalancing”

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Received the following email this morning from a China businessperson I have known and greatly respected for many years. This is a good article on what is coming down the road for manufacturing and large service WFOEs in China. The basic goal of the CCP is to drive all private enterprise away, to be replaced… Continue Reading

China Distributorship Contracts: What You Need To Know About Resale Price Maintenance.

Posted in Legal News

Excellent post on King & Wood’s China Law Insight Blog on resale price maintenance in China, entitled, “Rules Governing Resale Price Maintenance in China.” Now before you just up and run away from this post, believing there is no way an antitrust concept can be relevant to your business in China, let me tell you… Continue Reading

That’s Hot: China Distribution Contracts

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We recently did a post, entitled, “That’s Hot: Made In China For China. By Foreigners” in which we talked about seeing a massive increase in licensing agreements for foreign companies licensing products to Chinese manufacturers. We have also been seeing a correspondingly massive increase in work for foreign companies entering into distribution contracts with Chinese distributors…. Continue Reading