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How To Shut Down Or Sell Your China WFOE

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As China’s economy continues to contract, our China lawyers are getting an increasing number of inquiries from companies seeking to sell their China WFOEs. In fact, we are aware of the following currently on the market: A Shanghai consulting WFOE A Beijing consulting WFOE A Dalian manufacturing WFOE Back in May, in Buying And Selling China… Continue Reading

What To Read For Doing Business In China. A List.

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China veteran Andrew Hupert (of ChinaSolved) recently did a post listing his daily China reads for business. Andrew puts the following sites on his feedly.com reader (I too use Feedly) and he says he spends 15-30 minutes a day skimming these sites for China business information. Though I have no beef with any of the… Continue Reading

Promising Blog. China Stocks Watch.

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A reader just referred me to a new (relatively) blog called China Stocks Watch and I sort of love it. The blog is about China’s top twenty stocks and about China business in general and its posts literally alternate between those two.  It describes itself as follows: China Stocks Watch is a China business blog run… Continue Reading

ABA Journal Names China Law Blog To Its Hall Of Fame. Thanks.

Posted in Good People

And we couldn’t be more pleased. The ABA Journal is the magazine of the American Bar Association.  The American Bar Association is by far the leading/most prestigious bar association in North America. And yet, there we are, just named to the ABA Journal’s Blawg Hall of Fame, and in there with a star-studded roster of… Continue Reading

China Contracts: Is That A Real Seal/Chop?

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Was cc’ed on an email between one of our China lawyers and a client that sets out what our client can do to help ensure that the seal (a/k/a chop) on its China contract corresponds with the actual seal held by the Chinese company with whom our client is conducting its China business. Thinking the… Continue Reading

China Business Contracts: Getting Them Signed.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

We recently did a set of tooling agreements for a client doing business in China and as a part of that, one of our China lawyers sent the client the following instructions on making sure those agreements were properly signed: As noted above, you must ensure that the tooling agreements are properly executed by the… Continue Reading

Engaging China Blog. China Economics Blog. They’re Baaaack.

Posted in Internet, Recommended Reading

Every few days I make a point to go to the China section of AllTop News.  Not sure how to describe AllTop so I will simply crib its description straight from its site: The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. You may… Continue Reading

Getting Money Out Of China. Do NOT Try This At Home.

Posted in China Business, Legal News

I love our China Law Blog Linkedin Group.  Love it. Most of the time. It’s a great way for those interested in China law and China business issues to converse with each other and to learn from each other.  We have countless great discussions every week. Commonly, people ask great questions and get great answers…. Continue Reading

Have A China Business Problem. Consulate Says “Don’t Call Us.”

Posted in China Business

A long time ago, I arrested a Russian ship vessel in Japan’s Hokkaido province on behalf of an American client-creditor.  My client wanted to get that ship to the United States, believing that once there, it could repair and update it and use it.  The arrest was a blast in that we (me, the Japanese… Continue Reading

Teaching About China Business. Feedback Wanted.

Posted in China Business

This is a guest post by Jonathan Poston. Jonathan is currently a business professor at Warren Wilson College, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Drymos Group LLC and an adjunct professor at Galen University in Belize. Before China became the world’s second largest economy (as it is today), or even the third, fourth or fifth, US high schools and colleges… Continue Reading

China Business Workshop. Vancouver, BC, March 11, 2013.

Posted in Events

Sorry for being so last minute about this posting.  Anyway, the Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is putting on a China Business Workshop at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday, March 11 and I am going to be one of the speakers. This is the “fifth instalment of this popular cross-Canada… Continue Reading

An Entrepreneur’s Bone-Chilling Story Of China Business And Betrayal Writ Not So Large.

Posted in China Business, Internet

I started the Inc. Magazine story, “Betrayed in China: One Entrepreneur’s Hard Journey East,” with much anticipation.  The writer of the story had interviewed me a bit regarding the story (and I show up in the sidebar at the end) so I knew him to be a really sharp guy with an penchant for accuracy and… Continue Reading

China Manufacturing Payment Terms. Limit Your Risks.

Posted in China Business

Many companies continue to purchase container load quantities of product from small manufacturers located on the southern coast of China. This trade has developed a standard form of payment, often termed 30/70 TT. This means: 30 percent down payment on placement of the order, with the remaining 70% due upon shipment. This means 30% of… Continue Reading

China Law And Business On Linkedin

Posted in China Business

A couple of years ago, we started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin with the goal of creating a spam-free source for China networking, information and discussion. We now have  over 6,500 members. More importantly I am proud to say that our Linkedin group is a great place for lively discussions on China and for those seeking assistance… Continue Reading

China Business Scams And How To Avoid Them

Posted in Basics of China Business Law

It is becoming increasingly easy to blame the “victim” of China business disasters. In my experience, when bad things happen to good people who do business in China, it is nearly always the “good” person’s fault.  Like many lawyers who work with China, I have a ready set of horror stories to illustrate this phenomenon:… Continue Reading

China’s Healthcare System

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By: Damjan DeNoble Dr. Adam Powell and Dr. Youfa Wang, two of several presenters at this past weekend’s US-China Intercollegiate Healthcare Conference held on Wharton’s campus, exhibited a shared awe of the rapid changes taking place in China’s healthcare profile. Among the many themes and viewpoints presented at the conference, the sense of awe emerged… Continue Reading

Promising China Blog: China Business Leadership Blog.

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

I have been reading and enjoying the China Business Leadership Blog for the last few months and I wanted to bring it to our readers’ attention. The blog is authored by the SHI Group, whose slogan is “serving to make the strength of your company culture come to life in China.” I like the slogan… Continue Reading

Current China Law And Business Issues

Posted in China Business, Legal News

A few weeks ago, Steve and I spoke at AmCham (Beijing) regarding the China legal issues of which SMEs need be aware. After our talk, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Matt Wisla for around 20 minutes. That interview focused on the issues currently front and center for foreign businesses operating in China. … Continue Reading

AmCham-Shanghai’s 2010 Report On China Business — Required Reading

Posted in China Business

By Steve Dickinson and Dan Harris The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai just issued its 2010-2011 Business Report. This report should be required reading for all companies doing business in China or who are planning to do business in China. Our good friends over at Technomic Asia co-authored the report. The report is based… Continue Reading

Competing With Chinese Companies On Price. In Your Dreams.

Posted in China Business

Every so often, a client will remark on how there is “no way” its Chinese competitor can be selling a particular product at such a low price. We then talk about all the ways the Chinese company can, in fact, be selling the product at below what it costs my American client to make it…. Continue Reading

How Risky Is China?

Posted in China Business, Legal News

Excellent post by Rich Brubaker of the All Roads Lead to China blog on his discussion with Neal Beatty entitled, “Identifying, Measuring, and Taking Action on the Risks of China.” It is the kind of post every company doing business in or even with China should read.   The post sets out an amazingly comprehensive… Continue Reading

China’s Property Bubble. Bad For Business?

Posted in China Business

China’s major city property prices have been going really crazy of late, after having gone just crazy for years. As one would expect, there are two camps regarding China real estate. There are those who see it as a bubble that can and will pop any day now and there are those who say prices… Continue Reading