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Ben’s China Blog. Still Cutting Edge.

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Way back in 2007, in a post entitled, Promising China Blog: Ben’s Blog Is Certainly “Cutting Edge,” we highlighted what was then called Ben’s Blog: A Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom. Ben’s China blog came online earlier this year and I have been enjoying it ever since. It is certainly distinctive. To say the least. It is also one… Continue Reading

Engaging China Blog. China Economics Blog. They’re Baaaack.

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Every few days I make a point to go to the China section of AllTop News.  Not sure how to describe AllTop so I will simply crib its description straight from its site: The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. You may… Continue Reading

China Blogs Wanted

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Just went through some blog list housecleaning, deleting a number of blogs that have not posted for many months.  Our blogroll is now down to 33 recommended blogs, which is fine with me. But it got me to thinking that it has been quite some time since I put to you, our loyal readers, what… Continue Reading

Think Locally About Your China Blogs.

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Every so often I get emails from readers asking what I read on China beyond the blogs in our blogroll. This post on China regional blogs is going to be the first in what is likely to be an erratic series to answer that question.  I define a China regional blog as a blog that… Continue Reading

On The State Of The China Blogosphere.

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I know I am really late to this party, but I did not get around to listening to this until tonight, and now that I have, I have to recommend it. The “it” is a podcast discussion, entitled, “Death of the China Blog,” between veteran bloggers Kaiser Kuo, Will Moss and Jeremy Goldkorn, in an… Continue Reading

China Blogs: That’s The way, Uh-Huh Uh-Huh, We Like It, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh. Part V.

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About four months ago, in Part I of this series, I promised we would go through our blogroll and justify and expound upon each blog, five by five. About a month ago, I did part IV of this series. This is the fifth of this slowly running series, where I explain, in alphabetical order, why… Continue Reading

Promising China Blogs: The China Game And The China Vortex

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Two good new China blogs out there by two already pretty well known China hands. Paul Midler has started a blog called The China Game. Paul has been involved with China manufacturing for more than 15 years and many of his posts focus on China manufacturing. Paul has an MBA from Wharton Business School and… Continue Reading

Dan Washburn Of Shanghaiist Gets Personal On China

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I just today came across Dan Washburn’s “personal blog” and I was enthralled. Washburn is the leading force behind the always excellent Shanghaiist blog and (I just learned) also a frequently published (and award winning) journalist/writer. His personal blog contains his published writings on China, dating back to 2003. These writings can be found here…. Continue Reading

Promising China Blog — East-West Station

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I am finding that one of the best things about this relatively new series on up and coming (a/k/a promising) China blogs is that readers are alerting me to excellent China blogs of whose existence I was previously unaware. Put the East-West Station blog on that list East-West Station is subtitled, “Musings and Bladderment from… Continue Reading

Promising Blog: Chinese Appreciation

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This is going to be the first of an occasional series highlighting promising new blogs. I just came up with the idea for this series while reading the Chinese Appreciation blog, [link no longer exists] a blog that has only been out since March, but is already most certainly worth reading. I very much want… Continue Reading

China Online Is Serious

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Came across China Online [link no longer exists] for the first time today and my first thought was, “Wow.” China Online is beautifully designed and user friendly. Its home page branches out to separate pages for China News, China Business, China Blogs, China Travel, Language, China Entertainment, China Culture, and Expats in China. It also has… Continue Reading

More Thinking China Blogs

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The other day I was tagged as one of five thinking blogs by the Silicon Hutong blog, which required me to tag five more thinking blogs, which I did in this post, entitled, Thinking China Bloggers And More. My tag included Peking Duck and Jottings from the Granite Studio, and they in turn (as I knew… Continue Reading

Kaiser Kuo’s Ich Bin Ein Beijinger:Straight Outta Chaoyang

Posted in Recommended Reading

Forget about our “rule” on not recommending brand new China blogs — we’ve violated that rule so many times I am left wondering if a frequently violated self-imposed rule can be said to have ever existed at all. No, this blog warrants my going way beyond that and doing something really wild and unprecedented (this… Continue Reading

Bejing Bars By Beijing Boyce

Posted in China Travel

With there being no shortage of China blogs, I am surprised at how few China blogs focus on China food or drink. In fact, I am aware of only one blog that consistently provides top-notch, personalized, reviews of Chinese eating or drinking establishments. That blog is called Beijing Boyce and it is an amazing source for… Continue Reading

China Law Blog Sliding: Adds The Humanaught To Blog List

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Explanation required. When I started this blog nearly a year ago, I vowed our blogroll would be sacrosanct. This is a blog about law and business in China and there would be no what I call observational blogs on my blogroll. This blog would focus on foreign companies doing business in China and the people… Continue Reading