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Doing Business In China. The Policy Matters.

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I spoke last year at a doing business in China conference where the keynote speaker stressed the need for companies doing business with China to adjust their China business plans to China’s Five-Year Plan. If you want to know where China is going over the next five years, read its Five-Year plan, as China has… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China. Writ Large.

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When we first started this blog, the media was obsessed with “doing business in China stories.” Nearly every week there would be a good first person account from someone recounting what it is/was like to do business in China. I often found those pieces quite helpful as they tended to deal with on the ground… Continue Reading

The Big Four Accounting Firms In China. THE Book.

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I am about to heartily recommend a book that I have not read, nor even seen. The book is The Big Four and the Development of the Accounting Profession in China (Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought, by Paul Gillis. And despite not having read the book, I am quite certain it will make for… Continue Reading

Paying Your Non-Chinese Employees In Your China WFOE: Splitting The Salary, Part 1

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This post is by Grace Yang, one of our China lawyers resident in Beijing. Grace has her B.A. from Beijing University and her J.D. (law degree) from the University of Washington. Grace is licensed to practice law in Washington and New York States and she will be sitting for the China bar exam this fall…. Continue Reading

Ten Keys For Doing Business In China. A New List.

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Okay, no sooner do I tout a list of ten keys for doing business in China but a loyal reader sends me another such list by which he swears. This list was created by Michael Witt, an INSEAD Professor of Asian Business and it makes up a Forbes article, entitled, The Ten Principles For Doing Business… Continue Reading

China’s Anti-Corruption Drive. What Next?

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Had lunch the other day with a bunch of people I consider to be China experts (to the extent there is any such thing).  During our lunch, GSK’s China corruption issues came up and we mused as to what was really happening in China by way of anti-corruption enforcement.  The following views were expressed: China… Continue Reading

How To Shut Down Or Sell Your China WFOE

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As China’s economy continues to contract, our China lawyers are getting an increasing number of inquiries from companies seeking to sell their China WFOEs. In fact, we are aware of the following currently on the market: A Shanghai consulting WFOE A Beijing consulting WFOE A Dalian manufacturing WFOE Back in May, in Buying And Selling China… Continue Reading

On Using A China Translator

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Got an email the other day from a China business consultant I know.  The email (modified a bit so as not to hide information) follows: Hello Dan, A quick question/insight into the Chinese business mind. We are set to go to China next month with a client and I suggested we hire a professional translator… Continue Reading

Doing Business With China. The Ten Keys.

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A friend emailed me a post the other day and asked me if I agreed with him that it was the “most helpful post your blog has done for helping foreign companies doing business with China.” My response was that I wasn’t sure, but that it certainly ranked up there and that it had been… Continue Reading

China IP Litigation Exploding And What That Means For Those Doing Business In China

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Just came across an interesting post with a not so interesting title on the China IPR Blog: IP Developments in Beijing.  The post starts out discussing how “due to the rapid increase in IP cases in the Beijing Number 1 Intermediate Court, particularly IP cases involving patent and trademark validity, the Beijing Intermediate Court will split its… Continue Reading

China Law Blog AmCham Presentation. September 24, 2013. The Real Story.

Posted in Events

Co-blogger Steve Dickinson and I will be giving a presentation at AmCham (Beijing) on September 24, from noon until 2 p.m.  AmCham just posted this event but I do not think its posting (which we did not review before it went live) is quite clear enough on what we will be discussing. So I will… Continue Reading

China’s Five Best Business Opportunities, Revisited.

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I was interviewed last night by a reporter writing a story on foreign companies doing business in China.  At one point, she asked me what I saw as the best business opportunities for foreign business in China.  And I referred her to this post, China’s Five Best Business Opportunities, in which I list out education, healthcare,… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China Just Got Even Tougher

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I have known Janet Carmosky for going on a decade now and I’d be willing to stack her China business knowledge up against anyone’s.  And not only does she know China business, but she is one of those people who just seems congenatillay incapable of pulling any punches.  I am a huge fan of hers,… Continue Reading

China Law And Business On Linkedin

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A couple of years ago, we started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin with the goal of creating a spam-free source for China networking, information and discussion. We now have  over 6,500 members. More importantly I am proud to say that our Linkedin group is a great place for lively discussions on China and for those seeking assistance… Continue Reading

On The Difficulties/Injustice Of China Business. Have At It.

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Around five months ago, I did a somewhat long, very off the cuff, post, entitled, “Win-Win Negotiating In China. It Is More Than A Panda,” on some of the things that make doing business in and with China so difficult. it drew some comments and, like most of our posts, was quickly forgotten (by just about… Continue Reading

China Law Blog On Linkedin. Join Us.

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About a year ago we started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin with the goal of creating a spam-free source for China networking, information and discussion. We now have well over 3,000 members and, more importantly, a number of lively discussions. We have had some absolutely terrific discussions, both based on the numbers (a… Continue Reading

World Competitiveness: US #1, China #34

Posted in China Business

The World Economic Forum just came out with its world competitiveness rankings, putting the United States in first place, with Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Japan, the UK, and The Netherlands rounding out the top ten. South Korea was 11th, Hong Kong 12th, Taiwan 13th, Malaysia 21st, Thailand 28th, China 34th, Russia 58th, and… Continue Reading

China IP — The Best Protection Is Prevention

Posted in Internet, Legal News

A client recently directed me to a U.S. government web site on IP protection in China and asked me if it is accurate.  Not only is it accurate, but it does as good a job as I have seen in distilling the basics of China IP law into a readable form. Entitled, The Best Protection… Continue Reading

How Not To Do Business In China, Part II — Finding Your Chinese Partner Online

Posted in China Business, Internet

Though labeled part II, I have probably written more than 100 posts on this, but only came up with this title earlier this month. This post builds on a post at the Product Global blog by Ashton Udall, which built on Part I of this series (isn’t this how the blogosphere is supposed to work?),… Continue Reading

China’s Business Press

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Just came across an interesting post on the Cha Shao Bao blog, entitled, The Nature of China’s Business Press. [link no longer exists] The post is based on a lecture by Arthur Kroeber, the managing director and head of research for Dragonomics and editor-in-chief of the China Economic Quarterly. Kroeber spoke of the dynamism of China’s… Continue Reading

China Keys To Cultural Sensitivity — Hint, It’s Not The Hair

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No sooner do I list “Ben’s Blog” as a promising blog then he turns around and writes an absolutely amazing post on his Western friends’ treatment of his boss at the Chinese barbershop at which he works. Though I am not of the school that says we Westerners must learn every Chinese cultural nuance to… Continue Reading

Five Tips For Doing Business In China And No Guanxi

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In a post entitled, So you want to move to China, over at the Silk Road International blog, David Dayton sets out five good tips for doing business in China. The post starts out with Dayton talking about having attended a U.S. wedding where “just about everyone” asked him if they “should move their business into… Continue Reading

China’s Instant Cities

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Excellent in-depth National Geographic feature story by Peter Hessler (of Oracle Bones fame), on the National Geographic site, entitled, China’s Instant Cities (h/t to Ich Bin Ein Beijinger). Subtitled, “How one supercharged province cranks out lightbulbs, buttons, and bra rings, as well as instant cities for the factory workers,” the story is about the legendarily entrepreneurial… Continue Reading

China’s 2008 Olympics — What’s Politics Got To Do With It?

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I am constantly asked for my views on how the Beijing Olympics will influence China and even on how it will influence foreign companies doing business in China. My answer is always an “I do not know.” My new answer will be to direct people to read ImageThief’s new post, entitled, Did the ‘Genocide Olympics’… Continue Reading