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The Sinocism China Newsletter. Who Could Ask For Anything More?

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Every so often I get a scathing comment from an anonymous commenter on how we intentionally ignore such and such blog because we don’t want “the competition.”  That is completely untrue.  We ignore the blogs mentioned because we do not think they have much to say. But there is one site about which I plead… Continue Reading

China VIEs. The End Of A Flawed Strategy. An Update/Rebuttal.

Posted in China Business, Internet, Legal News

Yesterday, co-blogger Steve Dickinson wrote a post essentially excoriating VIEs. That post went live early this morning. A few hours before our post went live, Bill Bishop (who knows as much about China’s tech industry as any human being alive) wrote a post essentially saying that those who are trashing VIEs are engaging in scare… Continue Reading

How To Really Really Investigate A Chinese Company.

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Not sure if it is cynicism or realism, but I am getting increasingly willing to blame “the victim” of China business problems. I am convinced that nine times out of ten when bad things happen to good people who do business internationally (that includes in or with China) it is the “good person’s” fault. Like… Continue Reading

China’s Internet. Explained.

Posted in China Business, Internet, Recommended Reading

Someone today asked me for good articles on China’s Internet and I told him to start with “China’s Internet: The Invisible Birdcage.” This article was written by Bill Bishop and it does an excellent job explaining the theories and policies regarding China’s Internet. If you have an interest in China’s Internet, I recommend you read… Continue Reading

China’s Internet. You’ve Got It All Wrong.

Posted in China Business, Internet, Recommended Reading

Bill Bishop, a China Internet guru, recently did a post on his DigiCha blog, entitled, “China’s Internet: The Invisible Birdcage” [link no longer exists]. Not sure I like the title, but I am sure that I like the post itself as it does a great job explaining China’s Internet and how different it is from… Continue Reading