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Doing Business With The New China Seminar. December 13, 2012. Seattle.

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On December 13, I will, along with Fraser Mendel, be co-chairing a seminar on “The China Market: Selling Products and Services in the New China.”  I promise you it will be an excellent seminar.  I can make this promise because I have known nearly all of the speakers for many years and I can vouch for… Continue Reading

Elder Care In China, American Style

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China has more than 185 million people over the age of 60 and 16 retirees for every 100 workers.  By 2025, it is expected China will have around 64 retirees for every 100 workers. Currently, China is paying for the care of only 1.6% of its senior citizens, well below the 8% standard for developed… Continue Reading

The Third Stage Of China Business. Chinese Investment In YOUR Company.

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I love it when I read something that tells me what I already knew, but simply had not realized. That happened to me today when I read  a post on the Asia Healthcare Blog by my friend and fellow-Seattleite, Benjamin Shobert, entitled, “Life Sciences Companies Go to China to Raise Capital” [link no longer exists]…. Continue Reading

China’s Economy. How Much Do We Really Know?

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Had lunch yesterday with Benjamin Shobert. Benjamin is very intellectual and very knowledgeable about China. At some point during our lunch, he talked of recently having attended a China cleantech conference at which the participants talked of how China is THE place for developing cleantech because, among other reasons, it is so heavily supported by… Continue Reading

On The State Of Intellectual Property In China.

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China policy guru Benjamin Shobert has written an excellent article for the Asia Times on IP in China. The article is entitled, “China’s IPR thorn still needles West,” and it says what we have been saying: IP protection in China is getting better, but it is not there yet. Shobert quotes from a recently released… Continue Reading