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The Double Standard “Tax” On Foreign Companies Doing Business In China. What To Do?

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Just read a highly relevant post by Ben Shobert (it’s sheer coincidence that I am having lunch with him today) on The Ethical Challenges of Doing Business in China’s Healthcare Economy. Though Ben’s post focuses on health care companies, it applies to virtually all foreign companies doing business in China. Ben’s post stems from an MBA… Continue Reading

Who To Copy In China, Part I. Starbucks.

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Lawyers copy.  Let me expound on that.  Lawyers proudly copy.  If I am writing a joint venture agreement on a coal mine in Western China, the first thing I will do is send out an email to everyone in my office asking for our most recent China joint venture agreements, preferably involving a mining operation,… Continue Reading

China Due Diligence. Cause It Really Really Really Matters.

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As you can tell, I am a big fan of The Rule of Threes. Back in September, 2011, I wrote a post regarding a China deal that appeared to have badly soured. The post was entitled, China FDI, Whatever Happened To Show Me? and it was on a China deal that went bad for the… Continue Reading

The Third Stage Of China Business. Chinese Investment In YOUR Company.

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I love it when I read something that tells me what I already knew, but simply had not realized. That happened to me today when I read  a post on the Asia Healthcare Blog by my friend and fellow-Seattleite, Benjamin Shobert, entitled, “Life Sciences Companies Go to China to Raise Capital” [link no longer exists]…. Continue Reading