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The China MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Use Them At YOUR Peril.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

The other day, Steve and I were emailing with a reporter regarding how Memoranda of Understanding, (MOU), are so different in China than in the United States and how that difference often causes early discord between Chinese and American companies. Steve started the discussion by talking about the differences in the meaning of Memoranda of… Continue Reading

How To Stop China-Based Domain Name Theft

Posted in Internet, Legal News

Trademark infringement with respect to domain names is a very common problem, particularly for those who do business with China or even just manufacture their product there. It is unsurprising that many in China are quick to register domain names similar to those of the foreign companies they see. We frequently see the following sorts… Continue Reading

Protecting Hollywood Films In China Makes Sense For China.

Posted in China Business, Events, Legal News

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend a recent session in Beijing convened by Nancy E. Kremers, the Senior IP Attaché to the US Embassy here. The purpose of the session was for intellectual property lawyers from US firms, together with representatives of IP-dependent US companies, to brief the Attaché on current… Continue Reading