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Doing Business In China: Just Released Global Competitiveness Ranking Says It’s Pretty Good.

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I was interviewed by a reporter yesterday who is doing a story on legal pitfalls for companies doing business in China. I listed out some of the more common ones that American companies in China encounter, including the following: Not realizing beforehand that what they are seeking to do in China is illegal for foreign… Continue Reading

China Importation 101, Part IV. AQSIQ.

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As China steps up its enforcement of its customs laws, it is becoming increasingly important for foreign companies doing business in China to understand those laws and how they are enforced. This is the final part of a four part series of posts by Shawn Mahoney designed to help you avoid China customs problems.  Go here for Part I, China… Continue Reading

China Importation 101

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China is evolving and certain things that were “no big deal” five years ago are a big deal now. Dealing with China customs law is a prime example of that. My law firm does not generally handle routine customs matters, believing that they are better left to non-lawyers who specialize in that; it just usually… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Go Directly To Jail.

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Got a call the other day from an American company wanting to sell its food products into China. And fast. The problem this company is facing is that one cannot “just” sell food into China immediately. To sell food legally into China, Foreign companies must first pass certification before China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection… Continue Reading

China And US Product Safety: What’s Good For The Goose. . . . There Ain’t No Gander

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The Wall Street Journal recently did an article entitled, “Beijing Scolds U.S. On Quality Control Items From GE, Deere Are on List of Imports China Deems Shoddy” on how China is trying to draw equivalencies between safety problems of Chinese products and China’s rejections of U.S. products. Really? The article is based on an interview… Continue Reading