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Who To Read On China’s Economy?

Posted in China Business, Good People

I did a post yesterday touting a podcast by Jing Ulrich on China’s economy.  In that post, I referred to Ms. Ulrich as belonging “on the very short list of those discussing China’s economy who actually know whereof they speak.”  In response to that, I received the following comment from “Michael RightSite”: Hi Dan, Since… Continue Reading

China Warns Foreign Companies On Pollution

Posted in Legal News

A manufacturing client of ours for whom we are in the process of setting up a WFOE in China sent me this article and asked me what I thought of it. You regular readers just need to read the article to know. The article comes from the AFP wire and is appropriately entitled China warns… Continue Reading

China Private Entrepreneurs Rising — Even In Mao’s Hometown

Posted in China Business, Internet

The Wall Street Journal just did an interesting story on growing private entrepreneurship in China, entitled, “China’s Entrepreneurs Offer a New Path: Best Hope for Country’s Economy May Lie With Private Enterprise, But Inexperience Could Hurt Effort.” The article focuses on Broad Ltd., a Changsha(Hunan province) company that manufactures giant cooling systems that do not… Continue Reading