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Li Ning Torches Inventory. All Chinese Consumer Goods Companies Concede Their Inability To Compete With Foreign Companies.

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Okay, so my headline grossly exagerates.  But the first sentence is absolutely true and I have a sophisticated blog reader who claims the second sentence is not that far off. Let me explain. The first sentence comes from Tom Orlick’s WSJ article, entitled, “Li Ning Torches Inventory.” In that article, Orlick (who, BTW, consistently does… Continue Reading

China: It’s The Shoes

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“Is it the Shoes? Is it the Shoes? Is it the Shoes? … it’s gotta be the SHOES!”  Mars Blackmon, from Spike Lee’s 1986 film, She’s Gotta Have It. Great article over at Slate, entitled, Female Weightlifters, Spanish Basketball Stars, and Kim Jong-il: The strange world of Chinese sneaker endorsements. It is on the strange… Continue Reading

China Is Booming — Timberland Shoes Is Going There For Growth

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The Timberland Company, probably better known as Timberland Shoes, just announced plans to open 70 retail stores in China within the next five years [link no longer exists].  I previously blogged on China’s booming retail market in a post entitled, “China is Booming — Go There for Growth, Part III, Retail Works Just Fine,” and… Continue Reading