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China Law Blog Commenting Policies

Posted in Recommended Reading

Not sure why, but we have gotten a rash of questions lately from readers wanting to know our policy on comments. Let me start by saying that we do not really have a formal policy and that much depends on who is monitoring the comments on any particular day. I guess if I had to… Continue Reading

When Going to China, Be Paranoid About Your Data and Your Privacy

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Recommended Reading

“Paranoia is just having the right information.” ― William S. Burroughs The lawyer’s job is to discern risk and help their clients to avoid them. Put another way, we are both trained and paid to be paranoid. Years ago, when I was in Tokyo on a particularly sensitive matter, I left my hotel room as I… Continue Reading

China Outbound Investment: Tracked

Posted in Recommended Reading

China outbound investment has been on a straight line increase for years. But to what countries and industry sectors is all that money sloshing? Well with the China Global Investment Tracker, you now have a handy way to determine this. This quasi-interactive map/graphic tells all you might want to know about Chinese outbound investment: The… Continue Reading

How To Keep Your China Manufacturer Motivated And Why That Matters

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

After having worked with literally hundreds of foreign (mostly American and European) companies that outsource their product manufacturing to China, I have become convinced that those who put in real time and effort at establishing a good relationship with their China suppliers tend to have far fewer supply problems than those who just phone it in…. Continue Reading

China Face, China Guanxi: The Book

Posted in Recommended Reading

Unless you have total mastery of Chinese language, symbolism, and social nuances (who even has that of their own country?), you should consider picking up a copy of Anne-Laure Monfret’s Comment ne pas faire perdre la face à un Chinois as this book can help you with all of that. Most importantly, however, it is aimed at… Continue Reading

China Manufacturing: How to Prevent Your Own Manufacturer from Copying

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Recommended Reading

Renaud Anjoran over at the Quality Inspection Blog has written a post that just about everyone who manufactures in China should read. His post is entitled, How to Protect against Copies when you Manufacture in China, and it makes for an excellent step by step guide on how to prevent Chinese manufacturer from copying your products. It starts… Continue Reading

Six Reasons Why Western Companies Fail in China

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

Interesting Linkedin article by Anton Shvydkyi, who owns a Guangzhou tech company, The article is Top Chinese IT People Answer Why Western Companies Fail in China and it consists of a number of Chinese tech company founders and high level Chinese tech company executives explaining what they see as the reasons why Western companies fail in China. What… Continue Reading

Iran Sanctions And Your China Operations

Posted in Recommended Reading

A couple of months ago, Chris Priddy, our international compliance attorney, did a post entitled, What Your Chinese Operations Needs To Know About Iran Sanctions. Chris today did a post entitled, Iran Nuclear Deal’s Historic Opportunities, discussing the eventual lifting of sanctions in light the nuclear agreement almost certain to be signed with Iran. If your American business… Continue Reading

The China Twist: How To Do Business In China, Or Not

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Recommended Reading

Just finished reading The China Twist, a fascinating, easy to read, and very helpful book on doing business in China. The China Twist is written by Wen-Szu Lin, and it is described as “the firsthand story of two Wharton MBAs who brought a beloved U.S. food franchise [Auntie Anne’s Pretzels] to Chin and encountered outrageous… Continue Reading

China Law Blog’s Linkedin Group Reaches 10,000 Members

Posted in China Business, Good People, Legal News, Recommended Reading

A couple years ago, we started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin to create a spam-free forum for China networking, information and discussion. This week we surpassed 10,000 members and the number and quality of our discussions continues to increase as well. We have had some absolutely terrific discussions, both based on the numbers (discussions… Continue Reading

China VIEs Are Dead And We Told You So, Part II

Posted in Recommended Reading

Paul Gillis, a Professor of Accounting at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, recently wrote an article for Seeking Alpha, entitled, VIEs Are Dead, Long Live The WFOE. In his article, Gillis posits that Variable Interest Entities are dead and that we should expect WFOEs to soon take their place.  Gillis approvingly cites to our post, China VIEs… Continue Reading