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The China Twist: How To Do Business In China, Or Not

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Recommended Reading

Just finished reading The China Twist, a fascinating, easy to read, and very helpful book on doing business in China. The China Twist is written by Wen-Szu Lin, and it is described as “the firsthand story of two Wharton MBAs who brought a beloved U.S. food franchise [Auntie Anne’s Pretzels] to Chin and encountered outrageous… Continue Reading

China Law Blog’s Linkedin Group Reaches 10,000 Members

Posted in China Business, Good People, Legal News, Recommended Reading

A couple years ago, we started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin to create a spam-free forum for China networking, information and discussion. This week we surpassed 10,000 members and the number and quality of our discussions continues to increase as well. We have had some absolutely terrific discussions, both based on the numbers (discussions… Continue Reading

China VIEs Are Dead And We Told You So, Part II

Posted in Recommended Reading

Paul Gillis, a Professor of Accounting at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, recently wrote an article for Seeking Alpha, entitled, VIEs Are Dead, Long Live The WFOE. In his article, Gillis posits that Variable Interest Entities are dead and that we should expect WFOEs to soon take their place.  Gillis approvingly cites to our post, China VIEs… Continue Reading

Beijing Wins World’s Most Livable City Honor: Fong’s Pizza Proves The Point

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Good People, Recommended Reading

According to yet another highly scientific and thoroughly researched study, Beijing was just named as the world’s most livable city. No big surprise there, what with its recently cleaned air, its friendly cab drivers, and its overall friendly and polite vibe. The fact that it has such pure drinking water and low rents no doubt… Continue Reading

Justifying China Bribery

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Recommended Reading

I met Richard Bistrong while both of us were speaking at last year’s Dow Jones Global Compliance Symposium and I have been reading his blog ever since. Bistrong’s blog provides “An International Perspective on FCPA, Anti-Bribery and Compliance.” Beyond knowing a ton about these subjects, what makes Bistrong and his blog so interesting is his perspective. If… Continue Reading

Six China Business Law Trends for 2015

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News, Recommended Reading

  An article I wrote for Forbes, entitled, Six China Business Law Trends for 2015, just went live. Needless to say, the general theme is that we should expect China in 2015 to continue its crackdown on foreign companies doing business in China. The following are the six trends:China will increasingly crack down on foreigners in… Continue Reading

China’s Economic Slowdown: Do You REALLY Know Your China Counterparty?

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

Are you sourcing product from China factories? If so, read these three articles now and start acting accordingly: China’s Industrial Profits Drop Most in Two Years Amid Slowdown (Bloomberg) China zombie factories kept open to give illusion of prosperity (Financial Times) China’s Slowdown and American Business (Wall Street Journal) What constitutes acting accordingly? I discussed a bit of… Continue Reading

China Culture By The Numbers

Posted in China Business, Recommended Reading

If you have not played around with the Geert-Hofstede country comparison tool, you should. It seems accurate to me (but what do I know), but even if it isn’t, it sure is great fun. It examines more than 100 countries on the following cultural traits: Power Distance Individualism Masculinity Uncertainty Avoidance Pragmatism Indulgence China scores… Continue Reading

China Law Listservs, Blogs And Websites: The Harvard Law Library List

Posted in Legal News, Recommended Reading

Harvard Law School Librarian Carli Spina has compiled a research guide that “provides an overview of some of the best resources for Chinese legal research in both Chinese and English.” In turn, that guide provides the following list of China law listserves, blogs and websites “covering a variety of subjects and fields of Chinese legal study”:… Continue Reading