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Chinese Tourists and China-Japan Relations

Posted in China Travel

I just this weekend returned from a one week Tokyo bizcation (business and pleasure), where I got my fill of great food, great temples, great cherry blossoms and Chinese tourists. But rather than me go off and tell you what I saw of the Chinese tourists, I will instead discuss how the Japanese are reacting to them, starting… Continue Reading

When Going to China, Be Paranoid About Your Data and Your Privacy

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Internet, Recommended Reading

“Paranoia is just having the right information.” ― William S. Burroughs The lawyer’s job is to discern risk and help their clients to avoid them. Put another way, we are both trained and paid to be paranoid. Years ago, when I was in Tokyo on a particularly sensitive matter, I left my hotel room as I… Continue Reading

Beijing Wins World’s Most Livable City Honor: Fong’s Pizza Proves The Point

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Good People, Recommended Reading

According to yet another highly scientific and thoroughly researched study, Beijing was just named as the world’s most livable city. No big surprise there, what with its recently cleaned air, its friendly cab drivers, and its overall friendly and polite vibe. The fact that it has such pure drinking water and low rents no doubt… Continue Reading

China’s Horrible Flight Delays. Makes Doing Business In China Even Tougher.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

As most everyone who flies around China already knows, flight delays are maddeningly common there. As anyone who has been doing much flying around China in the last few months already knows, those flight delays are becoming even more common and even longer. And now Business Week tells us that things are only going to… Continue Reading

Join Our China Law Blog Group On Linkedin

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, China Film Industry, China Travel, Events, Good People, Legal News, Recommended Reading

We started a China Law Blog Group on Linkedin with the goal of creating a spam-free source for China networking, information and discussion. We now have nearly 8,500 members and, more importantly, a number of lively discussions. We have had some absolutely terrific discussions, both based on the numbers (a number of the discussions have received around 100 comments… Continue Reading

Ruminations On The Meaning Of Toilet Paper/Poisoned Food In China. Morality Play Or Meaningless Drivel?

Posted in China Business, China Travel

A story I always tell — heck I told it earlier this week — about China revolves around toilet paper. My story is as follows: A year or so ago I was in Vietnam visiting my daughter, who was there studying.  We were in an airport when I walked away to go to a rest… Continue Reading

China Service And One Tiny Tiny Hotel Comment. Meaning Versus Nothingness.

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Internet

This blog has been around for more than six years and during that time we have picked up a number of regular e-mailers. Some of these are people who, for whatever reason, refuse to comment on the blog, even anonymously, preferring to leave their “comments” via email.  Then there are the people who have a… Continue Reading

Economic Downturns. Bad for Foreigners. In China And Always.

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Legal News

I am just returning from a delightful family vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we got around mostly by taxi. Both my kids speak Spanish fairly well and I am totally willing to fake it. One of the things I quickly learned from our conversations with the taxi drivers is that there is a… Continue Reading

China And Its People. Just ONE Book.

Posted in China Travel, Good People, Recommended Reading

My firm is in the throes of defending a strike suit brought against Sea Shepherd by Japanese whaling interests. The Japanese whalers are seeking an injunction to stop Sea Shepherd. Under U.S. law, to get equity, one must do equity and one of the things we have learned about the Japanese whaler plaintiffs that we… Continue Reading

A Complete Guide To China’s High-Speed Rail.

Posted in China Travel, Internet, Recommended Reading

Train aficionado, David Feng (and author of China Travel 2.0), recently wrote a very helpful piece for CNNgo on China’s high speed rail, entitled, “A complete guide to China’s high-speed rail: Four expert tips and 5 top lines travelers shouldn’t miss.” If you will be traveling on China’s high-speed rail or even if you are… Continue Reading

Service In China. Good Luck With That, Part II.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

The Seeing Red in China blog has a really funny post on service (actually the lack therof) in China, entitled, “Don’t expect customer service in China.” The post starts out describing a role playing game the blogger had his Chinese students play where one student was the hotel manager addressing the complaints of the hotel… Continue Reading

A Chinese Brothel Scam. Don’t Let It Happen To You.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

It happened again last week. Multiple calls from the same person, wanting to speak with me urgently, yet refusing to provide any information to our receptionist on the nature of his issue. I eventually called this person back and here’s pretty much what we discussed (which was essentially what I have heard from two other… Continue Reading

Simply China (The Book). Simply Beautiful.

Posted in China Travel, Recommended Reading

One of the perks of writing this blog is that we get countless review copies of books, most of which we never review. We especially get countless travel/journal type books on China and I do not recall us ever reviewing any of those. Simply China is a China photo book too beautiful not to plug… Continue Reading

China FDI In Iceland. Soft Power Done Hardly Well At All.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

The following is a guest post from one of our readers in Iceland, Neil Holdsworth. Neil has been updating me via email regarding a Chinese investor who is seeking to purchase a massive amount of land in Iceland and the controversies that have been attendant to that. When he asked me why I don’t write… Continue Reading

Everything You Want To Know About China. The Ten Minute Video Version.

Posted in China Business, China Travel, Recommended Reading

Just watched a video on Shanghaiist, entitled, Everything You Need to Know About China in Ten Minutes.  I love stuff like this and before anyone leaves a comment pointing out the shortcomings of this video, let me state that I realize it is not an encyclopedia. But if you are about to get on a… Continue Reading

China In America. Newton, Iowa, Edition.

Posted in China Travel, Good People

Just spent the last day and a half in the heart of Iowa. Though I was there to be on a bunch of panels at Grinnell College, parents weekend there necessitated that I spend my nights in the neighboring town of Newton, Iowa. Newton has a population of about 15,000 and it is known for… Continue Reading

Service In China. Good Luck With That.

Posted in China Business, China Travel

I love it when my wild assertions are proven right. I am always writing about how terrible the service is at China’s hotels and restaurants and I have often posited that service in China is the worst in the world. In “This Is China. I Laughed, I Cried,” I wrote about a blogger’s “Kafkaesque situation… Continue Reading