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New Museums In China. A Stunning Book.

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Whenever I am asked what I would have been had I not become a lawyer, I always respond by saying architect. I love buildings and I still am in awe of those who create beautiful/unique ones.

Which is why I am enamored with the book, New Museums in China, by Clare Jacobson.  This book is about museums, yes, but more than that it is about the buildings that make up the museums.  Early on, the author states that “[t]his is not a guidebook” and it isn’t.  It is a photographic/architectural exploration (my words not the author’s) of China’s new museums and some of those museums are just flat out stunning.

Looking for a gorgeous coffee table type book for the China/building/museum aficionado in your life?  I recommend Ms. Jacobson’s New Museums in China.

  • Ward Chartier

    I’ll be in Shanghai soon and will have a few days to fill. What new museums in Shanghai should I consider visiting?

    • Princeton Arch Press

      If you can, join author Clare Jacobson at this event for a talk and book signing:

      RAM Talk
      Saturday, December 7, 4-6pm
      Rockbund Art Museum, YWCA Building, Shanghai

  • China Medical News

    I wonder if it covers the new Chongqing Art Museum. A stunning modern buildlng that has just opened, but unfortunately the exhibits inside were formulaic third-rate contemporary art – very uninspiring stuff.