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Where To Locate Your Business In China. This Download Will Tell You.

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The other day we did a post, entitled, “An Amazingly Good (And Free!) Intro to China,” on The China-Britain Business Council’s recently published China Business Guide. One of our readers, Juha Lassila, left a comment extolling the virtues of HSBC’s new book, entitled, “Inside the Growth Engine: A guide to China’s regions, provinces and cities.

This guide is also free and it is amazing. It consists of 245 pages and it does a better job than any book I have seen in describing and graphing China’s regions, provinces and cities. I have seen other books that have sought to do what this book does, and most fall flat, mostly regurgitating a bunch of boring government generated statistics. This guide is also replete with statistics, but it does such a nice job in compiling them and graphing them that it makes for a fascinating and highly informative read.

It is going to be the book to which I refer clients seeking to know more about the colossus that is China and I highly recommend it to anyone doing business in or with China, or just interested.

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  • Chihon Ley

    I absolutely agree, it is an amazing and extraordinary book about the businesses in China, focused in details I’d never seen before in other analysis reports. In brief, it’s a must!