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A Western Woman In China….Sex, Sex, Sex????!!!!

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Not me, of course. But Gina in Shanghai, who on her blog, Gina in Shanghai, has written a very thought provoking piece, entitled, “Peter Hessler and laowai nuzi,” on how Western women are viewed in China (h/t China Beat). To grossly summarize, Chinese view Western women to be like the women in “Sex in the City.” Western women are envied for their independence and strength, but looked askance at for being “a bit too morally degenerate.” Gina very nicely explains her frustration with these stereotyped views in a post that is well worth a read.
Just added the Sex, Sex, Sex part both to draw in more readers (trust me, putting sex in a post works for this EVERY time), but also because I just came across a very interesting, and related, post on China Geeks, “Li Yinhe: Criticizing the Sex Double Standard” [link no longer exists]. The post translates a Li Yinhe post on THE double standard in China when it comes to sex: “the more sexual a man is, the better; the less sexual a woman is, the better.” The post concludes by asking, “How do you feel about attitudes toward sex in China?”

  • anon this time

    Hahaha, would anyone ANYWHERE posit that this double standard isn’t actually global?
    Well, China isn’t as bad as other places, like in Korea, where western women are often assumed to be Russians on a pay-to-play program.

  • Kim Jong Il

    “…like in Korea, where western women are often assumed to be Russians on a pay-to-play program.”
    Wha Wha Wha Whoa!

  • Maestro

    This article is excellent and accurate. Thanks for helping lead me to it.