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THE International Arbitration Center List.

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Was given this by Constance Kim, Los Angeles lawyer extraordinaire, a few months ago and then forgot all about it. Came across it today and realized how helpful it would be to our readers to put this online, so here it is. This is the most comprehensive list of international arbitration centers I have seen. Enjoy.

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    THE List of Global Arbitration Centers.

    Courtesy of the excellent and always-understated China Law Blog, and particularly of Los Angeles lawyer Constance Kim, here’s a gem your clients and you can use now: THE List of International Arbitration Centers. We’d change only one thing: it: put…

  • http://www.nosite.com joshua

    Seems this list misses many of the major players. What about the lcia, Stockholm, the icc the AAA and JAMS?

  • court reporter

    Nice list. Mucho helpful.