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China’s New Anti Monopoly Law Explained. Well, Sort Of.

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Toronto attorney, Paul Jones, has an article seeking to explain China’s new anti-monopoly law. It is entitled, “China’s New Anti-Monopoly Law: An Economic Constitution For the New Market Economy,” and it describes the new law as “still a work in progress (h/t to China Business Law Blog).
I second that emotion.
I actually began my career as a big firm antitrust lawyer, and about all I can muster so far regarding the new law (set to become effective on August 1, 2008) is that it is really going to depend on its enforcement and I for one do not see how it can be soundly enforced when there are probably only a handful of lawyers and judges in all of China with a deep understanding of antitrust law, which is notoriously complex.
Les Jeux Sans Fait.

  • Khina

    It’ll be enforced. Against foreign companies.