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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Due Diligence On China Market Entry Consultants

Posted in China Business

I really like Andrew Hupert.  I like what he does for companies needing marketing or human relations assistance in China.  I like that he has been involved in international business and China business for a long time.  I like that he really knows China business. I really like how he focuses on what companies doing… Continue Reading

Jake Ludington Does DEMO China

Posted in China Business

Jake Ludington is a technology explainer.  He operates Mediablab, a hugely popular website that provides “Audio and Video Answers for Your Digital Lifestyle.”  It does an excellent job at explaining things like the following: How to backup your iPod How to Change Windows XP Boot Screen How to sync Google Calendar & Outlook How to… Continue Reading

SK-II — The Mob Makes China Cosmetics A Dirty Business

Posted in China Business

By now, most are aware of the problems Procter & Gamble has been having with its SK-II cosmetics in China.  To very briefly summarize, the Chinese public is angry at Procter & Gamble because of its unwillingness to give immediate refunds for product that was said to be contaminated. The Positive Solutions Blog (h/t to… Continue Reading

China Logistics — Big And Getting Bigger

Posted in China Business

The China Economic Review’s relatively new Logistics blog recently did a post on consolidation among Chinese logistics providers, entitled, “Small firms fight for survival.” [link no longer exists] The gist of the post is that logistics in China is growing quickly (15 to 20% per year) and is becoming increasingly dominated by big companies, many… Continue Reading

Innovation And China — The Long Of It

Posted in Recommended Reading

Just read a very thoughtful two part article (here and here) on innovation in China, written by Bright Simmons.  Entitled, the “Chinese Griffen,” the site editor describes the two articles as follows: In two installments, the author discusses China’s ongoing efforts to instill innovation into its economy. The first article, below, raises a number of… Continue Reading

China’s Nanotechnology Growing

Posted in China Business, Internet

Couple recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine (h/t to Nanodot and Nanotechbuzz) on how China is making gains in nanotechnology highlight how China is both making efforts to move beyond manufacturing and is succeeding in doing so.  The Wall Street Journal article, written by Andrew Batson, and entitled, “China’s Nanotechnology Gains… Continue Reading

China Making Latin American Business Moves

Posted in China Business

Interesting post over at the China Rises: Notes From the Middle Kingdom Blog, entitled, “On Growing Sino-Latin Trade Ties,” on increasing economic ties between China and Latin America.  The writer of the China Rises Blog, Tim Johnson, was a reporter/editor in Latin America for fourteen years, before moving to China to head up McClatchy’s (formerly… Continue Reading

China Slips In Global Competitiveness Ranking

Posted in China Business, Internet

The World Economic Forum out of Davos, Switzerland, just released its Global Competitiveness rankings and China has fallen from 48th last year to 54th this year.  The Forum summarized China’s positioning as follows: China’s ranking has fallen from 48 to 54, characterized by a heterogeneous performance. On the positive side, China’s buoyant growth rates coupled… Continue Reading

Engaging China Sans Fluff

Posted in Internet, Recommended Reading

We just added Engaging China Blog to our blogroll and we recommend our readers check it out.  Engaging China describes itself as follows: EngagingChina aims to keep you informed about the new strategic opportunities in China’s  fast-growing economy — and warn of potential pitfalls. There are plenty of other sites that write about China.  But… Continue Reading

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Chinese Arbitration Law

Posted in Legal News

Peter Yuen, an attorney in the dispute resolution department of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, (one of the world’s biggest and best international law firms) recently wrote a very informative article on Chinese arbitration law, entitled, “Supreme People’s Court: Validity of Agreements and Challenges to Awards.” Mr. Yuen, who has been counsel in arbitration proceedings in Beijing, Shanghai,… Continue Reading

China’s Trademark Laws — Simple And Effective

Posted in Internet, Legal News

The recently instituted China Trade Law Report just published an article I wrote on securing trademarks in China, entitled, “China’s Trademark Laws — Simple and Effective.”  The gist of the article is what I have been saying in this blog since its inception:  it pays to register your trademarks in China. The China Trade Law… Continue Reading

US-China Business Council — 2006 Survey Says…

Posted in China Business

By Glenna Stewart Last month, the US-China Business Council (USCBC) published the results of its annual member survey, highlighting the gains US businesses have made in China, along with the obstacles they still face. The results of the survey de-bunked several common myths about US companies operating in China, including the following: Most US investment… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China: The Most Basic Rules

Posted in Legal News

Newsweek just ran a story on problems one might encounter while engaging in medical testing in China.  Entitled, “Meds and Miracles,”[link no longer exists] this article is necessary reading for anyone doing business in China, not just those doing medical testing. I strongly suggest you read it.  Twice. China has become a worldwide center for… Continue Reading

China’s New Bankruptcy Laws: Not Quite So Good For Business

Posted in Legal News

Last month, we posted on China’s new bankruptcy laws, scheduled for a June, 2007, enactment.  We titled that post, “China’s New Bankruptcy Laws: Good For Business,” because it looked like China would soon have a comprehensive bankruptcy code that would facilitate lending and collection.  The new law will put creditors before employees and my post… Continue Reading

Doing Business With China And The World

Posted in China Business

Just came across a very helpful post on the Global Small Business Blog, an excellent source for small businesses operating internationally.  The post references the “Doing Business” database provided by The World Bank Group and rightly describes it as “fabulous.”  According to the post, this database “provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement… Continue Reading

Vietnam — Tastes Like China Lite

Posted in China Business, Internet

My mother, bless her heart, ALWAYS orders chicken whenever she eats dinner out.  Those few times I’ve convinced her to order something else, she ends up saying it “tastes like chicken” anyway.  I mention this because I worry that I am doing the same thing with Vietnam in comparing it to China. But I cannot… Continue Reading

The Chinese Are Coming, Part IX — With NASDAQ Listings

Posted in China Business, Internet

Recent article on how China is now NASDAQ’s largest source of growth in new listings.  Mainland China companies now account for 29 of about 3,300 companies listed on NASDAQ, said the president of NASDAQ International, Charlotte Crosswell.  “The exchange also lists around 50 firms from Hong Kong, a Chinese special autonomous region, putting China third… Continue Reading

Intel Lessons On China Business

Posted in China Business, Internet

The Wall Street Journal just interviewed Ian Yang, Intel Corporation’s  Beijing-based co-general manager for Asia Pacific, on doing business in general and, a bit on doing business in China.  Entitled, “An Intel Leader Discusses His Lessons in the China Game: Region Co-Manager Yang Works to Meld U.S. Ideas To a Very Different Culture,” the article… Continue Reading

Communist China To Be 3/4 Private By Decade’s End

Posted in China Business

In an article entitled, “Private Firms to Fuel 3/4 of GDP,” government owned CCTV has this to say about the future of China’s economy: After creating half the country’s wealth in 2005, private enterprises are set for an even bigger role in the years ahead. The non-State-owned sector is projected to contribute three-quarters of China’s… Continue Reading

The Quality Of Life In China’s Cities

Posted in China Business, Internet

China Daily (h/t to ChingDangVu Blog) just did a story on a comparison study of the quality of life in China’s cities.  Like so many of these studies that come out of China, both the methodology and the accuracy is murky, but it does make for fun reading so here goes: 1.   Shenzhen 2.   Qingdao… Continue Reading

China And The BRIC Dream

Posted in China Business

Just watched a ten minute or so movie on Goldman Sach’s website, entitled, “The BRICS Dream” [link no longer exists] (h/t to the Cal Poly MBA Trip Blog).  BRIC is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China and the movie, “led” by Jim O’Neill, Goldman Sach’s Head of Global Economic Research, notes it was… Continue Reading

Barnett on China — Here We Go Again

Posted in China Business

The other day, I did a post on a Thomas P.M. Barnett post in which I said the following: Thomas P.M. Barnett is one of the few people who truly understands world politics.  Among other things, he understands how countries develop.  He is not a China expert per se, but it seems every time he… Continue Reading

Golden Brown: The New Hue of China Wealth

Posted in China Business

By Glenna Stewart The hugely successful, multimillion dollar skin-whitening market in Asia may soon be given a run for its money by a growing number of tanning salons in China, as reported last week in Reuters [link no longer exists] (h/t to the WowZanga Blog.  This may come as a surprise to many, since pale… Continue Reading

Yao Ming Knows Business — China Needs More Overseas Experience

Posted in China Business

Just came across this China Daily article, headlined, “China needs more overseas experience, says Yao.”  I opened it, expecting to read a Chinese economist discussing how China’s companies are, for the most part, still quite inexperienced internationally.  Instead, the “Yao” is Yao Ming and the article is on Chinese basketball.  As a huge basketball fan,… Continue Reading